multiple addresses linked to the same email address

I would like to have multiple addresses linked to the same email address, so that although I am only logged in to one address, I can see the emails from my other addresses, and so that my other addresses can remain private.

Hi, can you elaborate on how this should work from the perspective of person sending email to this aggregate email address, and from the perspective of person receiving this message?

I’m looking for descriptions for those situations, assuming you are in control of address X, Y and Z

  • I’m Greg and I want to contact address X by sending normal email using my Gmail account - what email address I should use and how do I know I should use it?
  • I’ve found some email address on a blog and it appears to be ethmail aggregate address - how do I know who I’m contacting at all?
  • I’m the owner of X, Y, Z - I log into ETHMail using address X - which email messages do I see? To which email addresses were they sent?
  • There are email messages sent to,, - should I see all of those messages when I login to ETHMail with address Y?

This seems to be related to what you said about signing multiple accounts, but I think that would be a different scenario. It should be that a user can sign into their email through multiple accounts, as long as they are tied together. If the tied information is not searchable in the chain, I think this completes the secrecy of one’s account.

If the user needs to open a ethmail browser for each eth address, then the easiest way to see all emails to all addresses is to link all emails to gmail, but I obviously don’t want to do that, so I think the easiest way is to add a forwardable feature, for example, if I have both address A and B, and A is my usual address, I can set all emails sent to B to be automatically forwarded to A, which doesn’t affect the fact that B can still see the email.

Actually you can import the messages to gmail (or other provider) without tying your wallet addresses to it. You can just configure gmail to read messages out of ethmail and do it for all of your accounts. The information about correlation is stored in gmail, and this might be more acceptable to some people than forwarding where this information would need to be stored in ethmail.

You can also do this with email clients like Thinderbird or any email app which supports multiple accounts.

But for me the ultimate solution would be the integration with your wallet where the wallet would be an email app and would automatically check if there are unread messages for every address you store in the wallet.

I actually would like to create this wallet, and put ethmail client there, video&voice calls between addresses, integration with crypoverse login etc.