Instructions for deploying my own ethmail platform

Are there any docs for deploying a self-hosted ethmail platform, with my own domain.

Kind like how Jitsi does for video chat:

Like, it’s just gotta be about deploying a hacked SMTP / POP / IMAP server, creating some new DNS records, and opening some ports. Or am I missing some big piece of the puzzle.

There is no guide like that yet (afaik), but you are essentially right in what is required to setup ethmail-like service.

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OK thanks. And thank you for creating this platform, it’s a breath of fresh air, and really ought to be the basis of community forums for all crypto projects with self-hosted Discourse.

Did you consider opening a PR to add the modifications to Or would it be too much for their mods to get their heads around?

For now I’m providing a plugin that has some improvements (ENS support) over normal discourse openid connect plugin. It wouldn’t be hard to modify it and add much more dedicated features for crypto projects. I believe developers at discourse would support plugin approach over direct modifications