ETHMail support for multisig wallets and DAOs

Here are some ideas about supporting multisig wallets and DAOs in ETHMail

(you can comment on ideas in above document or in this thread)

In short they are:

  • Dispatch Read-only address - every email to multisig or DAO address will be distributed to its members
  • Mailing List - similar to above but members have ability to sent emails using multisig/DAO email address
  • Dedicated mailbox - members of multisig/DAO are able to login to single shared mailbox

good idea! More applications mean higher value

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I ran across this thread while looking for a way to register/control a google cloud account from a multisig wallet.

I.E. If supported email to a multisig address, that email address could be used as the admin or backup for the google cloud account so even if members of the DAO/wallet changed, any new members could operate appropriately.

Additionally, it would be awesome if outgoing emails could be proposed by one of the members and “signed” by others before they were sent out.

Maybe even the same for newly received emails as password reset links can be sent to an email address then taken advantage of by a single member. If you had to have X of Y signatures before viewing an email, that could potentially solve that problem as well.

Hi, I like this idea but it would be really hard to implement it right now. In the near future I will be focusing more on the area of access to the whole mailbox than individual messages, but I would be happy to discuss details on this if you would like to use it in your organization.

On GnosisSafe new modules (dapps) can be added manually, but you need to input an URL that provides an app manifest to fetch. Alternatively, GnosisSafe has WalletConnect among dapps (ethmail has too), maybe you can circumnavigate the problem by using that.