Access ethmail via smart phone

I spent a few years creating a proof-of-unique-human system, “Online Pseudonym Parities”, and it is up and running (source code). I need some way for people to communicate and decide what video channel to use (initially people will use something like the old, current platforms for that are,,, etc. ) People have to agree on a channel ID that others cannot guess, preventing it from being sybil attacked. Ethmail seems like a pretty good way for people to find each other and talk about that. Just discovered it yesterday, tried it now. A lot of people are on smart phones, any way to log into ethmail with an ethereum account on iOS/Android currently?

Update: OK standard email apps can be used like Gmail app and it is all described here, Thanks.

Follow up question: Is it possible to generate access tokens (for Gmail app) using a library? Could I do that myself, without using

Update: seems access tokens need “challenge” from key server.

A lot depends on wallet the users are using, on mobile users of Trust wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Opera browser, MetaMask mobile, Status can just log in.

For people with wallets that don’t offer dapp browser functionality I could code something that would work for them.

It works with Opera for me on mobile browser. Not working on mobile Metamask wallet, trying to access via dApp browser, cannot log in. Does Metamask mobile work for you? Trust wallet removed their dApp browser on iOS. login also works in Signal for me.

Using Gmail app as on is another option but if one-click login is possible, even better, since in my dApp, people are encouraged to change their key pair every month, so they’d use a new account on Ethmail every month (therefore, one-click login less work as added work stacks for every month. )

Hm, Metamask Mobile worked for me in Android but it was buggy, I don’t have access to iOS device.

If you recommend people to change private keys periodically then maybe you’ll be interested in NFT login option (It’s not ready yet)? Then your users would move NFT token between their accounts and login into account associated with this NFT? (Think logging in to account dedicated to given cryptokitty)
We would need to discuss the details on this because moving NFT every month from account to account may cost too much.

Ah change keys each month. The system provides “proof-of-unique-human” that is only valid a month, like a festival bracelet. It has to be renewed monthly. People can come and go as they wish, the system knowns nothing about anyone, treats each period (one month) as its own “life cycle”. Equivalent to that you are born and die each month, as far as the system cares. Since people can just go to in dApp browsers it is really easy to use Ethmail even if people change accounts. Tying any access token to addresses as they are changed seems contra to the anonymization, the whole purpose is to remove all traces. Personhood operating in same way as cash.