Ethmail Login Problems

I have noticed today that Ethmail login is not working. While is working and you can attempt to login there is an authentication failure.
The certificate at has expired and this may be the reason that authentication fails.
I presume this because I can login to the forum (cryptoverse) but not to Ethmail.

I hope that it is as simple as updating the certificate. The certificate also failed in early February. So the question here is there a more fundamental problem with certificate update?

Hi, thanks for reporting, I really appreciate it.

The problem is fixed, this was internal certificate used for IMAP connections, the whole infrastructure is using multiple certificates in different places and since they were created in similar times they also expire one after another. When I fixed last one I forgot about renewing the internal ones. The process is not yet automatic unfortunately, I’m moving to new infrastructure that will have automatic certificate management but It will take some more time.

I hope this explains situation a bit.


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No worries. It’s the least we can do to assist you for your unceasing effort. Is there any way members can assist either through effort or funding? Is there a cryptoverse DeFi?